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In 2016, we traveled to Asia to practice yoga with some of the best instructors in the world and to learn new holistic healing techniques. 

Are you ready for perfect welless?

Vikasa Yoga Retreat, Koh Samui Thailand

The light in me honors the light in you.
                   PERSONAL YOGA PRACTICE


               50 Minute Studio Session                    50 Minute Session-Your Location

               $50                         $60 (within 10 miles of 21117 Zip Code)

           Four 50 Minute Studio Sessions               Four 50 Minute Session-Your Location

              $180                        $220 (within 10 miles of 21117 Zip Code)
Personal Home Practice Starter -50 Minute Session + Written Plan emailed $60
Small group rates also available! 

Bring Gospel Yoga to Your Congregation

or Religious Organization


Core Yoga

Sun Salutations 

  1. Why Practice Yoga? -Yoga is a path to a life filled with good health, peace & light. 

  2. What are the benefits of yoga?

    • Improves Balance & Focus

    • Improves cardiovascular capacity & endurance

    • Increases flexibility

    • Tones & Strengthens Muscles

    • Has therapeutic value for a variety of imbalances including headaches, insomnia, mild depression, arthritis, & digestive issues

    • releases you to experience the joy and peace that is your birthrighta

  3. Do I need to be in good shape to begin a yoga practice? One of the beautiful things about yoga is that it truly is for everyone at every fitness level.