508,080 Minutes - 7 Lessons I've Learned in My 58 Years 🎂

Today I celebrate 58 years of life! Birthdays like new years are a great time for reflection and recalibration. So today I share with you seven lessons I've learned since October 11th, 1962.

Peace and Joy are Your Birthright

It rains on the just and the unjust and the sun shines on those who do evil and those who do good. There's beauty to having the freedom to choose your attitude in every season. Remember it's never personal and choose to embrace & enjoy the peace that surpasses understanding & transcends all circumstances.

Stay on Your Mission

We were all called to live purpose filled lives that serve the good of the planet in some way. You'll know you're in your zone when most of the time the activities needed to create what you're striving to achieve flow easily from you. On days when I focus on my mission and minimize distractions I feel invigorated & tend to sleep well knowing I've put my energy into what I was meant to accomplish.