Yoga Diva Adventures Part 2 - Reset & Release-Detoxing, Fasting & EFT

Part 2 of Series

Only In Your Dreams

Imagine living in an enchanted mountain rainforest. Your community members all work together to make sure everyone has a clean environment and three clean, healthy, energizing meals daily. Free yoga classes and lifestyle enrichment classes are offered daily in a world that looks like this:

And no one works more than 30 hours a week!

REALLY, no one works more than 30 hours a week!

You are now free to live your dream life.

Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community is all of the above & more. It is the happy home to dozens of free spirits who share their skills and talents to create the ideal living space. It is the ideal setting to reset life goals and release anything that is blocking achievement of optimum health & wellness.

It was my great pleasure to teach yoga and present classes on topics of interest to the citizens of Krishna Village. One such topic is one that as a personal trainer & nutrition coach, I’m often asked about by clients - or at times by virtual strangers:

Should I fast, detox or juice?

Always answer a question with a question.

I always ask the question - Why do you want to fast/juice/detox? and you can probably guess what the #1 response is.

My next question:

Why do you want to loose weight? Here’s a sneak preview: Step 1 for success in any endeavor is clearly defining your goals. But before I define defining your goals let’s define fasting & detoxing.

Fasting –Detoxing through willful abstinence from some or all foods.

Detoxing – Fasting with the possible addition of herbs, supplements, colonics to cleanse the body.

Fasting is a form of detoxing and all good detox programs include some form of fasting.

Here are 6 Steps to Help You Have a Positive Experience with Fasting & Detoxing

For an abbreviated explanation of these steps, please Click Here.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

You've probably heard this before. Achieving your goals, living the life you were designed to live, forming healthy lifestyle habits all require planning . There are many benefits to incorporating fasting & detoxing into your lifestyle including helping you gain mental clarity and focus.

Though you may loose weight by fasting and detoxing, setting this as your goal without digging deeper into what you are really hoping to achieve does not lead to sustainable changes.

For tips on setting goals, please Click Here.

As part of the holistic wellness approach at, I help set clients up for lasting changes that will have a powerful positive impact on their lives.

Change can be hard. At we help make the process easier.

In part one of this series, Yoga Diva Adventures, I promised to share tools I learned on my journey to the mountains in Australia that will help make it easier for you to live healthy, joyful & free.

One way to make faxing & detoxing part of your regular wellness regime is to consistently eat a clean, natural diet. Cooking at home more often is one way to do that.

Please follow my 2nd Blog, Naturally Raw Beauty to get started on today's tip:

EFT =Energy Frequency Tapping - an Emotionally Freeing Technique that helps us use our body's natural energy points to detox from any negative emotions that are blocking our freedom to live with joyful abandon.

Meet Paula Firth, my neighbor while at Krishna Village. Paula is one of the many beautiful souls at the village who shared her expertise as a wellness professional with the community members by doing a class on EFT.

Please contact Paula if you are interested in learning more:

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