Naturally Raw Beauty-Part 2 Release Your Culinary Genius

Perhaps Cooking is not Your Strong Point

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm that person who when you're invited to one of her dinner parties, you take a deep breath and plan ahead to make sure you've eaten well before you arrive and have an exit strategy knowing what eating spots are close by for when you depart. I'm good at many-or okay, a few things. Cooking was definitely never one of them. But now, after just a three week stay at Krishna Village Eco Yoga Farm I can't wait to return home and share the knowledge acquired spending time in Krishna's mostly raw vegan kitchen.

Meet the Culinary Artists at Krishna Village's Raw Kitchen

Daniel & Shakti Krishna's Resident Chefs

On a daily basis, this lovely couple who were once head chefs at a major New York City restaurant prepare creative mostly raw, vegan fare for 50 to 75 guests and community members at Krishna Village. The number one lesson learned watching these two artiste at work is Express Yourself!

Cooking, particularly vegan & vegetarian cooking is not a science but an art. Proportions, choices of vegetables, grains, seasonings & healthy oils are a matter of personal taste. Infusing your personal flare into freshly prepared food made with love & shared with a community of positive spirits will always be delicious. So as you prepare to incorporate this next healthy lifestyle tip, fear not!

Have fun putting your personal flare into the dishes on today's menu, or follow the recipes as written.

Enjoy eating with someone or many someones you love!

Baltimore get ready for my best dinner party ever.

Click to Access Printable Recipes:

Lentil Burgers with Guava Chutney

Sundried Tomato Olive & Zucchini

Serve with :

- thinly sliced apples baked until skin is hard add touch of cinnamon if desired.

- and vegetables with dipping sauce of your choice.

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