Naturally Raw Beauty - Part 1

Welcome to my newest blog designed to help you implement the healthy lifestyle changes recommended in my blog, Yoga Diva Adventures. Each issue will include recipes as well as tips to help you take one step to improve your overall health & wellness. I've taken the best of wellness topics I had the pleasure to present at a yoga retreat while traveling to Asia and Australia and added practical tips to form healthy habits you can incorporate into your busy life.

This issue I present recipes from the Kitchen of Krishna Village Eco Yoga Retreat, located in the beautiful rainforest region of Mt. Warning Australia. Every day Krishna's Kitchen's chefs Shakti and Daniel create delicious, colorful and nutrient rich meals using mostly locally grown produce.

Are you ready to begin Healthy Habit #1?

The kitchen at Krishna Village, is staffed by volunteers from around the world who need no special skills or cooking experience to help the chefs prepare these wonderful, healthy meals. Enjoy!