Yoga Diva Adventures -Part 1

Thoughts turn to Actions ....Eventually

Nine years ago if someone had told me that I would be blessed with the opportunity to share my passion for yoga and wellness nine thousand, nine hundred and nine miles away in Australia, I would have felt in my heart that it sounded great, but convinced myself that it would be foolish to leave a secure, well-paid position as a vice president at a commercial bank for a pipe dream. Fast forward, one financial market crash, nine planes, and one huge paradigm shift later and here I am at the lovely Krishna Village Eco Yoga Retreat located in the beautiful picturesque rain forest region of Mount Warning, Australia.

Journey to Unemployment

For the past two years I have been self-employed as a yoga instructor, personal trainer and nutrition coach, and employed full time as Corporate Wellness Coordinator for the best boutique health club in Baltimore, Red Brook Health & Wellness Center. I was living my pipe dream times two! Only a nut would leave a wonderful position and the clients she loves to fly around the world pursuing all things yoga with absolutely no stream of income. So that's exactly what this 53 year old nut did.