Thinking of VolunTOURing?


Voluntouring =traveling with the purpose of giving back while vacationing.

Think again if you are:

  • over 50

  • health-conscious

  • goal & detail oriented

  • peace loving

  • a vegetarian

  • a non-drinker

Here are some things I wish I’d considered before committing to 4 weeks of service in Thailand:

  1. Know Thyself I love sunrises, early morning movement, communing with God, serving others, interacting with positive people, organization & planning, beaches, yoga and striving for excellence (even when I fall short). I thought that volunteering with one of the many non-profit organizations whose mission is to provide a brighter future to children overseas by teaching them English would be a rewarding experience since I could:

  • Fill my very selfish need to feel useful & feel like I’m giving something back to this planet

  • See a new part of this planet that has loads of great beaches & yoga studios

2. Consider Age & Agency

Most large agencies subcontract their volunteers to local agencies whose names they don’t reveal until after you’ve paid in full. The agency I worked with gave little to no details in advance such as: