Fall Back Into Fitness

The one key ingredient needed to achieve growth, mentally, physically and spiritually is time. One of the main factors that blocks people from successfully reaching their wellness/growth goals is the perceived lack of time.

We know the deal every day – 24 hours that’s all you’re getting to spend any way you choose.

Why not take this time of year when we set our clocks back an hour to reset the way we approach our days. Try not setting your clock back and getting up at the same time you’ve been rising since DST began. You know you can do it because you’ve been doing it. That gives you an extra hour to start the day the way that my pastor, Mark Batterson of National Community Church calls RPM-Read Pray Meditate-I add JAM to that Journal and Move,

Read – The Bible is a great source of inspiration and advice for living life in balance with the universe, which will bring you peace. Whether you curl up with the family Bible, read online, or use a smartphone application; Whether you believe the stories are allegories or have faith that they happened literally -you can find a firm foundation for joyful, purpose filled living in this classic book.

Pray -On your knees, standing, while walking a labyrinth, eyes open, eyes closed, half-gaze….Connect with something greater than yourself to help you cultivate a fruitful life one day at a time.

Meditate -Open your mind to allow the holy spirit to fill you with everything you need to feel Beautiful, Fit & Free


Journal your thoughts using stream of consciousness, points to ponder, reflections on scriptures read-any written format. Written words give life and substance to your reflections.


Move! If you’re a gym rat like me, pump iron & do a serious metabolic workout until you’re dripping wet, or if you’re a little more normal: walk, jog, do yoga (preferably outdoors) or do a 15 minute stretch-anything to get those natural endorphins (feel good hormones) flowing.

Structure your day to achieve what we all ultimately want-Joyful Living! You already have everything you need.


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