Testimonials from our Valued Clients!



Meet Beautiful Jai-Lyn
Fit & free bride to be who already loves her body. Training hard to be even more tone and glowing on her special day.
Always with a smile! 



Beautiful Tyra
Beautiful, determined disciplined & caring professional who is now smoke free & getting stronger every day cardiovascularly. She's drinking Celcius to help her burn more calories and have increased energy with every work out. 




Michele -Beautiful, Joyful & Positive 

Strong & Beautiful Tracey
She eats clean, trains mean and is a star client who is 40 pounds lighter after training with me for just a few months. She loves working with a trainer to keep her focused, consistent and motivated to maintain a healthy diet & exercise plan.  




Romaine & Alex
This beautiful couple works out together every Saturday doing cardiovascular and strength building
drills that are fun and effective. Romaine also does
weekly Zumba and Alex weight trains and runs on the treadmill on his own. They are sure to have success! 


Meet Dottie
Dottie says: "Since working with Lori Dee as my personal trainer I've lost pounds and inches. At this age, it is more important to spend money on me and my health than on things. Lori makes training fun!"