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Improve your energy level, focus, stamina & productivity with this 2 week challenge.

In addition to being a contributing factor to developing diabetes & heart disease, here are 8 ways that sugar can negatively impact your health & wellbeing:

Get started today. Use the attached PDF to help you make the switch to more natural sources of energy.

BFF Switch From Sweets 14 Day Nutrition
Download • 15.95MB

Not a reader? Go straight to page 9.


We know the deal every day – 24 hours that’s all you’re getting to spend any way you choose.

Why not take this time of year when we set our clocks back an hour to reset the way we approach our days. Try not setting your clock back and getting up at the same time you were before DST ended. You know you can do it because you’ve been doing it. That gives you an extra hour to start the day by setting an intention for what you plan to achieve.

Read – There are many great sources of inspiration for living your best balanced and energetic life. Whether you curl up with the family Bible, read online, or use a smartphone application or read your own journals to set the foundation for a peaceful Find a foundation

Pray/Reflect -On your knees, standing, while walking a labyrinth, eyes open, eyes closed, half-gaze….Connect with something greater than yourself to help you cultivate a fruitful life one day at a time. Start from a place of gratitude for what you already have and what you've achieved.

Meditate -Open your mind to allow the source of infinite energy & wisdom to fill you with everything you need to feel Beautiful, Fit & Free. Enjoy silence and stillness or try walking meditation to your favorite inspirational music.

Journal your thoughts using stream of consciousness, points to ponder, reflections on scriptures read-any written format. Written words give life and substance to your reflections.


Move! If you’re a fitness fanatic like me, pump iron & do a serious metabolic workout until you’re dripping wet, or if you’re a little more normal: walk, jog, do yoga (preferably outdoors) or do a 15 minute stretch-anything to get those natural endorphins (feel good hormones) flowing.

Structure your day to achieve what we all ultimately want-Joyful Living! You already have everything you need.


Today I celebrate 58 years of life! Birthdays like new years are a great time for reflection and recalibration. So today I share with you seven lessons I've learned since October 11th, 1962.


Peace and Joy are Your Birthright

It rains on the just and the unjust and the sun shines on those who do evil and those who do good. There's beauty to having the freedom to choose your attitude in every season. Remember it's never personal and choose to embrace & enjoy the peace that surpasses understanding & transcends all circumstances.

Stay on Your Mission

We were all called to live purpose filled lives that serve the good of the planet in some way. You'll know you're in your zone when most of the time the activities needed to create what you're striving to achieve flow easily from you. On days when I focus on my mission and minimize distractions I feel invigorated & tend to sleep well knowing I've put my energy into what I was meant to accomplish.

If I'm feeling anxious, pressured or fatigued it's probably a sign that I've gotten off task or I'm attempting to fill a mission that isn't my divine assignment. Your mission is not static. It will change as you change and the world evolves.

Your Body Knows!

We are all wonderfully designed in such a way that our bodies really do know exactly how much fuel, rest & movement is needed to stay healthy.

You have to tune in & stop overriding the the signals your body sends you.

Shameless plug coming: Yes this is easier said than done. I help clients make healthy choices that will become a part of your joyful lifestyle. Join our mailing list.

Be Grateful

The universe responds to what you do with the gifts provided all around you. Take time to appreciate and give thanks for the blessing in every sunrise, sunset, raindrop, body system and bit of nourishment that are all created for your good and conspiring to keep you vibrant and alive.

Relationships are Our Riches

How we relate to God, our planet and those in our tribe help to determine the quality of our lives. All good relationships begin with believing you are who God says you are-a wonderfully, uniquely designed masterpiece! Love yourself as you would any other priceless treasure and you'll attract the right network of people for rich & fulfilling fellowship.

It's a Big Beautiful World!

Thailand 2016

Travel often! Once this pandemic is over, I plan to resume taking every opportunity to see as many of the diverse communities on God's gorgeous rainbow colored earth as I can.

Shameless Plug #2 -Through my travel agency, Excellent Excursions I provide excellent group travel experiences. Get on the mailing list to learn about upcoming retreats in 2021.

Fear Really is a Liar

Live in the realm of positivity and pure potentiality. Moving through life afraid of what may happen, afraid of what other's think, afraid to make changes, take

chances or try something new serves no purpose. Embrace change and opportunity courageously and without regret. Enjoy the freedom of being beautiful, joyful, energetic you-living without fear that you are missing something or that you alone are not enough!

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